Jungle Love [BANNED]

The film will no longer be shown, sorry for the inconvenience
Director – Sherad Anthony Sanchez | Drama | Filipino, Visayan, English (English subs.) | Philippines 2012  | Producers – SALIDA and GAPS Philippines | 90 mins | Banned in the Philippines.
Suitable Only for Persons of Eighteen Years and Over
Cast: Mei Bastes, Martin Riffer, Edgardo Amar, Aldrin Zapitan
A jungle in an undisclosed Philippine location hosts a middle-aged woman who runs off with a baby, two juveniles lost in sexual games, military cadets leisurely wandering about and a guide with an obscure presence. All consumed with the game of their own lives until the jungle comes to play.
Director’s Statement
“The idea of the project all began in Rome. It started when a friend of mine told me that a portrait of me had been exhibited by a Filipino Organization in a show in Rome declaring that I am one of the many Filipino Desaparecidos (victim of forced disappearances).  They have insisted that I was on the “list”. Living in Mindanao (Southern Philippines), a state of continuous civil unrest, the news had instilled fear and paranoia in my life. Whether it was true that I was on a “list” or a sheer mistake, I began to realise something—that I am a perfect candidate to become a victim of being a desaparecido. I realised my youthful and naive recklessness or brazenness of engaging issues, places and people. And then I realized how exoticised the victims, the topic and even the milieu have been.  And then, I wondered, if I were a desaparecido, a lost soul in the world of silent regimes – martial, mystical or even sexual — what film would I make then?” (excerpt from an interview by JM Ferraris)